Friday, October 21, 2005
The wedding was brought forward because of Wilma the Hurricane, so yesterday we rushed up to Bonita Springs, on the west coast of Florida and stayed at the extremely posh Hyatt Hotel. Much nicer than our Miami hotel. The wedding took place out by the pool, with the rain lashing down in the background. It was a wonderful wedding, actually: another thing the Americans know how to do really well. The girls cried, the blokes cheered and love shone all around. Aah. Later, at the reception, I somehow got hold of the microphone and sang Robbie's 'Angels', accompanied on the choruses by Martin and Dominic. An excellent night.

Today we drove back across Florida stopping off at the Everglades where we took a tram tour and saw tons of alligators (and other less interesting species, like herons and stuff). It was fantastically interesting; a highlight.

The latest news on Wilma is that she's likely to strike Monday, although no one really knows much and we don't know if she's going to hit Miami. It's rubbish weather here, though. Overcast. Bang goes my tan.