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My cool biographical note:
It seems to be the rule in publishing that the cooler the author, the shorter the biographical note. I guess the same could apply to websites, which means that if I was really cool my note would read:

Mark Edwards was born in 1970. He lives in England.

However, I feel the need to waffle a bit.

My not-so-cool biographical note:
In March 2003 I returned from Tokyo where I worked for a year as an English teacher. If you look back through the first few months of this blog, you'll see that it's all about life as a gaijin in Japan, plus loads of stuff about Japanese pop culture. Because that's what I'm interested in. Now I'm back in England.

I have an oh-so-useful Sociology degree and have had two terrible jobs — the first at the Child Support Agency and the second answering complaints for the rail company, Connex — and two enjoyable ones: a content editor/copywriter/head-honcho-of-the-Beanie-Baby-and-Pokemon-dept at the now-defunct iBrax.com; and my job as an English teacher.

I am also one of the many thousands of aspiring authors who fill this world with millions of unread words. I've had two short stories published and a novel optioned by the BBC. The BBC have employed a screenwriter and there's a chance that this adaptation will go into production later this year. I'm working on a new book now.

Stuff I love:
Music: Suede, Embrace, Belle & Sebastian, Eminem, Placebo, Jay-Z, Bjork, Oasis, Manics, The Strokes, Interpol.
Authors: Ian McEwan, Haruki Murakami, Stephen King, Donna Tartt, Banana Yoshimoto, Louise Voss, Scarlett Thomas, Toby Litt . . . Christ, there are dozens.
Other stuff: Apple computers, David Fincher movies, Hoegaarden, karaoke, lying in bed, bright lights, big cities, cats and rats and other small furry creatures, Emily the Strange, Indian food, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Nottingham Forest, Lucy Liu, my iPod, The Face magazine, blogging, Gloomy Bear, the Guardian, Haagen-Dazs, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And my girlfriend, of course.

Stuff I hate:
Meat, Phil Collins, the Countryside Alliance, George W Bush, fur, Westlife, celebrity authors, Jamie Oliver, Arsenal, hawking (both types). And spam (both types).