People are frequently asking questions. Here are some of the answers.

1. What is the point of this site?
This is a question my girlfriend asks a lot. I tell her it's 'a good thing' because it gives me a forum to, like, express myself and write about all sorts of important things like, um, daft toys and Japanese pop stars. And it's definitely 'a good thing' for me to practice setting up and maintaining a website. Finally, it allows friends, family and other nosey people to keep up with what I'm doing. Which is the best thing.

2. How - please, please tell me - how did you create such an amazing site??
Actually, no one's ever asked me that. Although my cousin Martin was impressed (Hi Martin!). It was created with the help of a template provided by Blogger, although I have adapted and tweaked the template to make MarkCity my own. The comments are provided by Enetation. The whole thing is done on an Apple iBook. I learned about HTML on Webmonkey.

3. Do you eat fish?
This is the question people always ask first when I tell them I'm a vegetarian. The answer is, 'No, I'm a vegetarian.'

4. Where are you from?
The most common question asked by Japanese students. This question always gives me the opportunity to draw a map of the UK, with several blobs detailing London, Liverpool and Dover (the only places in England most of them have heard of) and another blob showing the whereabouts of my hometown, Hastings. After I've done this and answered their questions about Hastings, the 40 minute lesson is almost over. It's great.

5. Which is better, dribbling or passing?
The best question I've ever been asked by a student. If only I knew the answer. . .

6. Does this sentence use the past perfect progressive tense? What's a subordinate clause and how is it best used?
The answer to these questions and many others like them is, 'Ummm . . .'

7. Why haven't you had any novels published yet?
Actually, this is the question I ask myself most. Of course, it's because the world is unfair, God hates me, even though he doesn't really exist, and I'm cursed. Or it could be because I haven't written the right book and sent it to the right person at the right time yet.

8. How on earth can you like Manchester United?
Well, my top team is really Nottingham Forest. But for a long time, being a Forest supporter has been unbelievably tedious. And I like the way ManYoo play, and I'm a big fan of Beckham. And I can't stand Arsenal and Liverpool. It has nothing to do with the fact that ManYoo always win stuff, honest. Besides, they haven't won so much as a wooden spoon since I started to like them.

9. Why don't you ever turn the light off when you come out of the toilet?
Another of my girlfriend's fave questions. It's because I'm always too busy thinking about how much I love and cherish her.

10. Why is there a picture of a creepy looking bear at the top of this page?
That's Gloomybear. He's at the top of this page because he looks cool.