Suede @ HMV

On October 21st 2003, the greatest band in the world, Suede, played a free mini-gig at the Oxford Circus HMV. To be honest, it wasn't the greatest gig I've ever been to, which may have been something to do with the huge bloody pillars between ourselves and the band, and the fact that we were stuck between the CD racks.

Brett wasn't too happy either, a man of few words that night, grunting, 'Arigato,' and 'Seeya.' Perhaps he'd spotted a Blur CD in a prominent position. They sped through a set of high-octane hits - 'Attitude', 'This Hollywood Life', 'Trash', 'Beautiful Ones', 'Obsessions', 'Can't Get Enough', 'Animal Nitrate' and 'Metal Mickey', not necessarily in that order - and then buggered off. I've seen Suede about 10 times, and when on form, which they usually are, they're unbeatable. And the songs tonight sounded fantastic as always. So I'll blame HMV.

Got a rather fetching pink wristband though.

These pictures were taken by a friend of a friend, who was fortunate enough to be there in an official photographer capacity. You can buy them on I had to say that or he wouldn't allow me to post them here!

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