Saturday, October 16, 2004
I know, I've been pathetically slack - but I really haven't done anything and I'm as bored of writing about my knee as I'm sure people are of hearing about it. So this is a holding post, to get those goth pics off the top of the page if nothing else. The highlight of my week was a taxi ride to London to spend a day at the office. I felt every bump. I've also been rediscovering the joys of eBay, selling some Scissor Sisters tickets because I won't be able to make it to the gig now, and my Gameboy Advance. I've been watching loads more films - Run Lola Run, Finding Nemo, Show Me Love and The Girl Next Door - and writing lots. We finally saw the treatment of Killing Cupid from the BBC. They're pitching it to BBC films now - maybe I've told you that already? And I'm involved in an Australian project to write something set in Kyoto. Just finished my edit of the novel of Killing Cupid, have entered Sayonara Baby in a competition and about to start on my next collaborative novel. At least I'm trying, eh?

My review of Razorlight's album is here.