Sunday, September 28, 2003

This way to the Ally Pally, chaps!

Woo-hoo! We're going to see The Strokes in December, at the Alexander Palace. Which is quite posh, apparently. I knew the shows were going to sell out in nanoseconds, so at 9am on Friday, when the tickets went up for grabs, we were primed and ready... Well, Butter was ready. I was making a cup of coffee and having a chat beside the kettle at work. Actually, the tickets went on sale a few minutes early, and Butter was in like Flynn, whoever he is, bagging a pair. 20 minutes later they were sold out. Like I said, woo hoo! It makes up for missing this week's Suede gigs.

This being 2003, Strokes tickets were on sale on eBay within minutes of going on sale and are now reaching crazy prices. Can I take this opportunity to say that people who buy concert tickets and then put them straight on eBay are scumsuckers of the lowest order; the kind of people who used to rob their gran's purse; the kind of people who should also be thrown into that special, new corner of hell where the spammers suffer. It's wrong. It sucks.

Suede are playing a free gig at the HMV store in Oxford Street on October 21st. I really, really want to go. Entry is by armband, and the armbands are free. No doubt half the people who get the armbands will put them on eBay. Is it possible in any way to have these people shot?

Staying on the subject of music, I've just been listening to the Top 40, awaiting the glorious news about the world's best spandex-clad rockers, The Darkness, getting their first No.1. It didn't happen. They're No.2, behind the Black Eyed Peas. Sigh. Still, all the best records get to No.2: 'Vienna', 'Common People', 'I'm Too Sexy'. I'm sure The Darkness will have this year's Christmas No.1. Either them or that fat girl off Pop Idol.

It's been a very musical week. I bought the Suede (yes, them again) biography, plus the Jet album. Also, tickets for Belle and Sebastian's tour went on sale. I really want to see them, but I don't know anyone else who likes them. Is it really sad to go to gigs on your own?

Rat watch time: we no longer have a DVD player after Syd chewed through the cable. She's hiding behind the bookcase at the moment. The other day, rather worryingly, she tried to mount Nancy. Remember, they're both girls. Perhaps Syd is confused by her name. And Nancy didn't seem particularly distressed.