Tuesday, February 11, 2003
OK, loyal readers of MarkCity, I need you all to do me a favour..! I submitted an article to the BBC's Book of the Future site, on which they're asking people to contribute their views of the future. The editors then pick suitable articles and allow people to rate them. The most highly-rated articles will be published in a book later this year, in aid of Comic Relief. My article, which is under the 'Popular Culture' section, has been accepted by the editors and I need people to rate it. It's a Harry Potter parody, set in the year 2020 when Harry's all grown up. Click here to go through and rate it:

Harry Potter and the Mortgage Repayments of Doom

By the way, The Guardian turned down my Harry Potter lookalike article; they liked it but felt it wasn't right for the books section. Don't know where to send it next. Any ideas?