Wednesday, February 26, 2003

The love that dare not honk its name

The ballet - Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake - was much better than I feared. I was worried that it was going to be just a bunch of nancy boys swanning around in feathery trousers, but it was much more than that. At one point, the lead swan donned a pair of leather pants. There are three such lead swans; tonight, the role was played by the Spanish dancer, Jesus Pastor. Each dancer apparently brings their own special something to the part. Jesus Pastor is supposed to be passionate, the English bloke, Adam Cooper, is philosophical and the Japanese guy, Yasuyuki Shuto, is short.

Joking apart, it was very entertaining; the set was impressive, the swans were powerful and comical (a little ungainly, I thought, at times). The audience loved it, and, most importantly, Butter had a great time. I wouldn’t say I’m going to turn into a regular ballet-goer, but I feel slightly enlightened after tonight.

Actually, we’ve been exploring various other musical forms this week. Saturday night we went for dinner with my friend Tetsuya, and he played us a fantastic live CD by the the old-skool soul legend Donny Hathaway,, which I bought yesterday. And Butter bought a Nina Simone CD. More stuff for us to carry home.

Was very excited to see a poster advertising Battle Royale II. Tagline: This Time It’s War. Wasn’t that the line they used for Aliens?

On the news tonight, they showed people in South Korea raking through the ashes that were recovered from the subway disaster, looking for the remains of their loved ones. In response to that disaster, in Tokyo today, one of the subway companies staged an earthquake drill. If there’s a huge earthquake during the next week, before we leave, I’ll be mightily pissed off.