Wednesday, February 19, 2003
I've just spent four hours creating an online CV. Butter said it felt more like 24 hours, and was so stressed out by the sight of me agonising over exactly what my main skills are, she had go out for a ride on her new bike. Her injuries seem much better now - it's my turn to be a crock. I not only have a cold but have done my back in and keep being immobilised by sudden spasms. This means that I haven't had to do so much housework this week.

Had some good news yesterday. Long-term readers of MarkCity might remember me mentioning the novel that I wrote with my friend LV last year. It was optioned by the BBC, but we hadn't heard anything from them for ages, until yesterday, when we heard that they are still going ahead, maybe going into production this year. It's a slow, uncertain business, but if the Beeb do go ahead, it increases our book agent's chances of selling the novel to a publisher, which is my true aim.

By the way, Yoshiko, if you're reading this - my signature will never be worth anything, even if I do get published!

We went hunting for a perfect souvenir of Japan yesterday - a print or a wall-hanging, maybe - but came home empty-handed. The only things we liked were disgustingly expensive. But we cheered ourselves up with dinner at Tokyo's best veggie restaurant, Cafe 8.

My Harry Potter parody has dropped back to No.3 on the Book of the Future site. Haven't voted yet? Click here.