Friday, February 14, 2003

It's Valentine's Day, and to celebrate, here's a picture of some sweet little kittens. Butter bought me some Issey Miyake spray. Apparently, its smell is reminiscent of the deep woods. Does that mean it makes women come over all primitive and want to drag you into the undergrowth? Hmm. Shame there are no woods around here.

I almost didn't have a girlfriend to celebrate V Day with. Last night, Butter was knocked off her bicycle by a bloody-minded motorist. She was cycling along, not doing anything wrong, when the car behind her beeped his horn as if he thought she was too far from the kerb. She moved a little closer to the kerb, giving him loads more space in which to pass her. He drove past, as close to her as he could get, trying to give her a scare, she thinks. But he clipped her handlebars, the bike wobbled and down she went. The front wheel was buckled and the bike wrecked. Fortunately, Butter was okay, just grazed and dazed. She sat on the side of the road for a while, recovering from the shock, when the motorist reappeared, made some concerned noises then rushed off round the corner. A couple of minutes later he reappeared - with his granddaughter's bike, which he gave to Butter! So Butter now has a new bicycle. But her tights were ruined.