Wednesday, February 05, 2003
I feel a bit sick. We went to Footnik in Ebisu today for lunch with Helen and Scott. Footnik is a football pub for soccer-starved ex-pats. The beer is great, though expensive, but the food is revolting. Had the most disgusting vegetable curry ever.

I've just applied for a job. It's the kind of job that I know I could do - I've got the experience, the skills, everything they want, I reckon. Anyway, keep your fingers crossed for me. I also sent my CV to an agency and they told me to call them when I get back to the UK. I feel very virtuous now.

Bstats is back. It's interesting seeing the Google and Yahoo search results which bring people to this site. Lots of Gloomy Bear and Bathing Ape searches. But someone came here after looking for 'naked girlfriend'. I'm afraid there are no pics of my girlfriend in the buff here. However, you can find a nice shot of me in my trunks in my Phi Phi photo album...