Tuesday, February 25, 2003

So… more emotional traumas yesterday as I bid a fond ja mata to my other kids groups, including my faves, Yuki, Ayumi, Ayano, Miyuki and Kaede, who nearly sent me over the edge into blubsville when they wrote me messages on the whiteboard after the class. Click here to see all the sweet little kiddies and the messages they wrote me – warning, you might need a box of tissues.

I’m suffering farewell-itis at the moment. Said goodbye to my Japanese teacher and lots of my students, and next week I’ll have to say seeya to all the friends I’ve made here, many of whom I’ll probably never see again. Of course, I’ll be happy to see my friends and family in England, but partings fill me with sorrow – and Shakespeare was wrong: there’s nothing sweet about it at all.

And on a less depressing note, I discovered a shop that’s even cooler than Kiddyland today: Village Vanguard in Shimo-kitazawa. What a magnificent emporium of kitsch and cool: from giant Gloomy Bears to mini false teeth; from spooky horror-porn manga to American car manuals; from Blythe dolls to Doraemon address books… They had it all, crammed together on one floor, a squeaky-pitched Japanese version of Karma Chameleon playing in the background – it rocked (the shop, not the Culture Club cover). I bought a set of Emily postcards, a Monsterism figure and some more postcards featuring cool pics of cute J-girls.

If anyone wants me to send them an Emily the Strange postcard, please email me your name and address. First come, first served! All I ask for is a postcard from your neck of the woods in return.

I’ve got loads more to write about but little time – I’ll try to update again during the next 24 hours – though it’s Swan Lake day tomorrow. Hmm. Wonder if they’ll let me take my iBook into the theatre with me…