Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Butter and I took a trip to Yokohama today. Yokohama has a completely different atmosphere to Tokyo, especially in the area around the docks, from where the Pacific Ocean stretches towards America. It feels more open, fresh air blowing in from the sea, and today it was like a ghost town. World Porters, one of the big shopping malls, was closed down, as was the amusement park next door. Earlier this year, we took the ear-popping lift to the top of Landmark Tower, Japan's tallest building. We'd just arrived in the country and still went around going, 'Wow, we live in Japan!' and I remember how exciting it was gazing at the incredible mass of buildings, knowing too that the World Cup final was going to soon take place in this city. It seems so long ago. And also like it was yesterday.

Anyway, today we just wandered round the shops and Butter bought a cool Laundry Girl T-shirt ("Laundry Girl's ♥ Day. She's making Chocolate for Laundry-Boy. It's a very happy time!") and then we went to the Hard Rock Cafe where it was happy hour, and we drank wine and ate veggie burgers and a fudge brownie concoction that was basically a bucket full of fresh cream that made my arteries scream in protest. It was a very happy time!

The night before last I went to a farewell party for Fusako and Chris, a staff member and teacher from my school. You can see the pictures here. Didn't feel that drunk, but the headache I had the next morning said I must have been.

I'm annoyed coz the Bstats site is undergoing maintenance so I have no idea how many people are visiting this site. Which is another reason why it would be cool if people left a comment, even if it's just 'Hello.' I've just installed iPhoto2 to maintain and upload digital photos. What an improvement. If you've got a Mac and you haven't upgraded yet, what are you waiting for? And if you use a PC, why don't you switch?