Thursday, September 15, 2005
It was a year ago today that I broke my knee, and to mark this momentous occasion I'm - gasp - posting on here. I know, I know, I broke my promise. I've been bad. I will slap my own wrist. It's just that over the last month a curious mix of laziness and busyness have combined to conspire against MarkCity. So here's all the latest news:

V Festival

Butter and I went to V in Chelmsford with our friends Debbie and Richard. The highlights were Embrace, Goldie Lookin Chain (I take it all back), the Zutons, Franz and Oasis. The lowlight was very definitely the camping. I had forgotten how much I dislike it. The discomfort. The proximity to nature. The pissing in the bushes. Not that there are any bushes at V - one either has to brave the nasty loos or go against the fence. I didn't sleep for 2 nights, not because I was on a wild hedonistic rampage but because the bloke in the next tent was talking about his boring life all night. The highlight was when he and his mates played I-spy. Not ordinary I-spy, mind you. This was 2-character I-Spy. "I spy with my little eye something beginning with BC." "Er, big clock? Big crisps? Is the first word big?" Aaaargh! Butter had a minor nervous breakdown, but I won't go into that. So... V. Music, yes. Camping, no. I know - I'm a big soft wuss.


Nancy has had something of a miracle recovery. After a course of steroids and then antibiotics, she's almost back to her old self. I can hardly believe it. It shows that Butter and I are clearly expert rat nurses. We're now trying to fatten her up (no, not for Christmas) while simultaneously slimming Syd down.


We spent the bank holiday in Southend. Yes, two visits to Essex in one month. Southend is a bit like Hastings but even brasher and gaudier. Played crazy golf (I sucked) and pitch n putt (I was alright), drank lots, ate loads of Mexican food, had a barbie, lounged in the sunshine and watched cricket. Yes, I, like everyone else who's sick of our terrible football team, have done something I never ever thought possible. I've enjoyed watching what I previously thought of as the sporting equivalent to an episode of the Archers - ie mind-numbingly twee, middle-English and dull dull dull. Now I... quite like it.

That'll do for now.