Thursday, September 22, 2005
I spent the weekend ripping wallpaper from the walls of our second bedroom, along with a ton of plaster which means we're going to need to get a plasterer in. One of my favourite beginnings to a sentence is "Nobody ever lay on their death bed wishing they'd..."

Done more washing up
Spent more time ironing
Done more DIY

The same goes for staring at a computer screen. I'm incredibly stressed at work at the moment. Most people think my job is a doss, 8 hours of internet surfing, but sometimes I feel more like a juggler of virtual hot potatoes, trying desperately to keep everything from crashing around me and creating, er, mash. I enjoy it, but today I felt myslf go a bit wobbly at around noon, because everything got too much for a moment, and had to go for a walk.

I'm alright now.

I'm reading the Belle and Sebastian biography at the moment. It's hardly 'No One Gets Out of Here Alive' but between trips to church they have had the odd tiff. And made tons of indescribably beautiful music. I'm going to see them on Sunday at the Barbican.

I'm going to stop staring at a computer screen now.