Monday, September 26, 2005
Belle and Sebastian were wonderful. Maggie and I had the best seats in the house, eye to eye with Stuart Murdoch, who kept forgetting the words but who otherwise led the band through a spine-tingling performance. Towards the end they invited a section of the audience onto the stage to join the squillion band members - I was so jealous. As usual, I had to leave before the end and leg it to London Bridge after escaping the maze that is the Barbican. I bought a really cool T-shirt but it's a bit short and I risk exposing my belly when I stretch. Or move.

Poor Nancy has had a bit of a relapse. She's still eating but also wheezing and wobbling again. Have to wait and see how she does. Claws crossed.

Butter and I are trying to decide where to go on our next holiday. We're off to Miami next month but are already looking beyond that one. We're thinking maybe India or South Africa. We want a beach + culture holiday again, like we had in Thailand. We haven't been away since April 04. My God, the torments of the middle class. 18 months between exotic holidays. Unthinkable.