Sunday, August 14, 2005
I know - it's been a long time. I'm responsible for our company blog now which means I'm blogged out by the time I get home.

It's been all tears and upset here this morning because one of our rats, Nancy, is ill. She can't walk properly or hold her food or wash, and we think it's a pituitary tumour, which is incurable. Poor little Nancy. It's come on so suddenly. But she and Syd are two years old now which is about standard for a rat. We're going to try to get an appointment at the vet's tomorrow. I just have this horrible feeling that he'll say she should be put to sleep.

Butter and I are too soft and emotional for all this dying pets stuff. I've already got through about 20 tissues this morning.

So what else has happened since I last blogged? As an update on my injured colleagues, one is now out of hospital and the other is due out this week, so that's really good news. Here's what else I've been up to:

Fighting fire alarms

Picture the scene: Friday night, we're sitting peacefully watching a boring DVD, when suddenly: woo-woo-wigga-wigga-wigga-wooooooo-woooooooo. Some idiot's alarm is going off. Ten minutes later I poked my head out the back door and realised that I was that idiot. The burlgar alrm was fitted by the previous occupant before last and we've never even armed it, so god knows why it went off. But it wouldn't stop. We tried the keycode which was written in the manual, but the keypad wasn't working. We switched mains off. Nothing. We pulled the battery out but it kept wailing. By now the neighbours were gathering and the screeching was making me feel psychotic. I called the police, who told me to try ringing an alarm company, so I did that and was told that I'd have to get up to the actual alarm, unscrew it and remove the batteries.

So... I asked the neighbours if they had a ladder. Nope, but a bloke down the road does. I found said bloke, got him out of his house and he kindly carried his ladders up the road to our house. I looked up. The alarm was very high, and with my dodgy leg getting up ladders is not my ideal pastime. However, it had to be done so I scaled the ladder with half the street watching me. At the top I could barely see because it by now dark, the alarm was screaming in my ear and the screws on the alarm were so rusted up they wouldn't undo. I considered throwing myself off, but the ladder-guy went and got a crowbar, scaled the ladder and ripped the alarm off the wall. At the bottom, Butter and I had another go at removing the screws, the alrm still wailing, until I finally snapped, picked it up and SMASHED it on the ground. Silence. And the most wonderful feeling of relief ever.

Doing Karaoke

I went to a new, posh karaoke place in Soho called Lucky Voice. It was fantastic. We had the deluxe room, complete with wigs, blow-up guitars and gold walls. I think I hogged the mike a little. Okay, a lot. But it was brilliant, if ridiculously expensive.

I've run out of steam now, but will try and keep this more up to date.