Saturday, July 02, 2005
I've been watching Live 8 all afternoon and evening, only tuning out in order to avoid the world's most pompous twit, Sting, and Mariah 'I don't' Carey. I missed Elton John too. (Great review this, isn't it? Me banging on about the people I didn't see?) My highlights were Razorlight, who will surely go on to be megastars, Coldplay. The Killers, though their set was far too short, and dear old Robbie. 'Feel' and 'Angels' made me go all tingly. Madonna was good too, although I hate her, with her awful books and hunting and fishing. Whose idea was it to let Velvet Revolver play? Did they blackmail Sir Bob?

Sir Bob hasn't sworn at all this year but Snoop Dogg made up for it, saying 'motherf*cker', 'bitch', 'shit' and, er, 'bottoms' (probably) all in the space of 15 seconds. I bet the Beeb's switchboards lit up like Peter Kay's face when he sees a cream cake. The Who are on now. Zzzzzzz. Then I expect Pink Floyd will put me to sleep. I'm only staying up hoping for a big historic singalong at the end.

I remember watching Live Aid when I was 14, lying on my dad's sofa with sunburn because I'd been playing tennis all morning. Back then, nobody seemed to know what they were doing and we were full of naive optimism, thinking that giving our f*cking money was going to solve the world's problems. Except it didn't. It's slicker now, and the aims are grander and less simple. It's about awareness, about adding your voice to the cry for justice. It's all about the media, and using the media for change. There are two massive issues facing the world right now - Africa and climate change. Let's hope Live 8 can persuade those powerful men in Edinburgh to tackle one of them; and let's pray they deal with the other too.

Blimey, got a bit serious then. Let's talk about Big Brother. Saskia went last night. The loathsome harridan didn't get booed nearly enough as far as I'm concerned. She's a horrible, racist piece of trash. Makozi to win!