Sunday, July 17, 2005
I visited my colleagues in hospital on Thursday. I feel odd mentioning them by name on here, as if I'm writing about them without their permission, so will just use their first initials, J and S. J is the woman who had never travelled by bus before, although I'm beginning to suspect this may be an office myth. Whatever, she is the most "okay" of the two, sitting up, mostly unharmed from the waist up, complaining about hospital food and laughing about how she missed a visit from Princess Anne because she was sitting on the commode at the time. J told us the whole story of that morning, from having to vacate the tube through finding a seat upstairs on the bus, to being blown out of the back window and waking up with a terrible ringing in her ears. Her legs are lacerated and she's still undergoing surgery. But she's bored and wants to go home. We entertained her by telling her what she's been missing on Big Brother.

S is in worse condition but was also able to smile and crack jokes. She broke her cheekbones, though these have been fixed, and her knee, plus has some nerve damage in her fingers. She's been moved into a private room. I think she got to meet Princess Anne. Lucky her.

In what seems like a parallel universe, Britain has been gripped by Harry Potter fever. I got mine: £7.97 from Tesco. Of course, I would have supported my local small bookshop except, er, I don't have one. The Co-op at the end of the road is selling it but I don't think they count. I was planning to start reading it this weekend but Butter has hijacked it.

Saw War of the Worlds last night. Loved it. It brought back the terror of listening to the Jeff Wayne album in the seventies. My mum would play it after I'd gone to bed. I had to ask her to stop because it gave me nightmares. I was surprised by how dark and bloody the film was. In search of some mindless entertainment this evening we started watching Troy on DVD. Twenty minutes into this ludicrous, overblown pile of codswallop (which is a very underused word), the washing up suddenly seemed very appealing.