Wednesday, June 22, 2005
There are several reasons why I haven't blogged so much recently. The comments still ain't working which makes me feel it's hardly worth bothering. It's too hot to do anything except watch Big Brother and eat ice cream. And I'm growing bored of the whole blogging thing. Sigh. Maybe my enthusiasm will return at some point. I hope so.

I've been banished to the spare room, not because of anything I've done (hey, I'm a good boy) but because Syd and Nancy are banned from the living room. This is because they've chewed a hole in our brand new sofa. Also, during the last few weeks, they've destroyed 3 of my best T-shirts, 2 pillows, a couple of house plants and assorted other bits and pieces. They've gone crazy and have been given their own room to play in, which is where I am now, supervising them. The other day, Nancy got into the kitchen and the back door was open. When I went into the kitchen, a cat was crouching by the fridge! Nancy was hiding behind it - it took me an hour to coax her out. After yesterday's sofa munching incident, we're kind of wishing I'd left her to the cat.

(I don't mean it.)

I have an album recommendation - 'Tales from Turnpike House' by Saint Etienne. Yes, they're still going. And this is a gorgeous, summery album, ideal for hot, lazy days.