Sunday, April 03, 2005
We've exchanged on our house, which means Butter and I are now officially saddled together, joined by a huge debt. Marvellous. We're due to complete on April 22nd, although we'll need to spend some time tackling the green carpet, woodchip wallpaper and other seventies decorations that mar the property at present. We're also on the look-out for some art to spice up the walls, Butter having decided that prints are 'common'. So no pictures of crying children or clowns then. Damn.

A great tragedy has struck MarkCity - the comments have vanished. All that collected wisdom - gone! This blog has been running for two and half years now, and I'd collected quite a lot of comments from my three readers. F*** knows what's happened. But without comments, blogging seems a bit pointless. I need interaction. I'm just about to turn on the built-in Blogger comments feature. If it works, you should now be able to leave comments more easily. Let's see.