Monday, March 14, 2005
Butter ran the Hastings Half Marathon on Sunday and finished in a highly respectable two hours and two minutes. I stood with my mum and watched her run off, then, while she legged it up hill and down, er, hill, I sat in a cafe and ate biscuits for an hour and a half.

The Hastings Half is known as one of the best distance running events in the country. The townsfolk lurch out of their caves and bang drums and stamp their feet as the runners go by. At the end of the race the whole seafront is lined with spectators, trying to ignore the biting wind that blows in from the sea, talking about how next year they might just get off their butts and join in. Of course, I would, if it wasn't for my dodgy knee. Just before Butter came in - barely out of breath, though a bit pink - Supergirl ran past me and puked on the pavement. Butter beat her target time by ten minutes. I was very proud of her.