Sunday, February 20, 2005
It's been a long day. My grandad has been told that he's too clapped-out and old to drive any more so he offered to give us his clapped-out old car. This will be very useful when we move out into the boonies (the area we're moving to has nothing but a dodgy chip shop, an even dodgier pub, a Co-op and two - yes, two - pet shops) so we accepted gladly and arranged to pick it up today.

We travelled down to Hastings by bus, because there were engineering works and no trains. The bus took us on a scenic tour of East Sussex. I kept a look-out for Keane as we passed through Battle, but no joy. Probably in LA or somewhere. Then we had lunch with my mum, who told us all about her latest nightmarish man problems, before heading up to collect the motor.

After spending an hour sorting through several enormous piles of yellowing, mildewing documents, searching for the MOT (he had just handed Butter what he thought was the MOT; it was dated 1995 and was for a different car!) it turned out that grandad had forgotten to get an MOT last year. And he's been driving it around since the MOT ran out...

He's going to get it sorted this week, but because we didn't fancy another tortuous trip through the countryside on a bus, my dad drove us home. Unfortunately, Butter - who has a tendency towards travel-sickness, as you may remember from our trip to the Grand Canyon - couldn't handle the winding country lanes and puked in the back of my dad's car*.

We got our house though, assuming the survey, which should happen this week, doesn't reveal it to be a crumbling money pit/death trap.

*Luckily, she happened (!) to have a British Airways sick bag with her.