Saturday, January 08, 2005

The beasties above are the latest additions to our household: Titus the bear, Affonso the rhino and Hannibal the gorilla. They are members of the IWG - Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo, a group of mutated animals who have declared war on hunters and poachers. As well as being extremely cool, collectable vinyl toys, a proportion of each sale goes to wildlife charities.

Happy Birthday Elvis, 70 today, wherever you are... sunning yourself on an island with Princess Di and Marilyn or working in a chip shop in Grimsby. An Elvis single is being released every week between now and the end of So there's a good chance that Elvis will have the 1000th No 1 single in the UK. Apparently, Jailhouse Rock is on course to be the 999th when the chart is announced tomorrow.

On a much more sombre note - and I feel quite uncomfortable veering from the trivial to the horrific like this - we found out that the hotel where we stayed in Phi Phi, the PP Princess, was completely destroyed by the tsunami. That's completely destroyed. 49 staff and approximately 100 guests died; many more were injured. The before and after pictures are here, but be warned, they're terrible, especially if you've been there.