Sunday, December 12, 2004

We almost had a ratastrophe yesterday. Syd got hold of a tube of glue and chewed it open. It made a horrible, sticky mess on the carpet but we were far more worried about our rat's health. Was this the first sign that she was becoming a rebellious teenager, sniffin' glue - glue which she'd stolen!? Still, I suppose she's just trying to take after her near-namesake, Mr Vicious, and animal lovers will be pleased to hear there were no ill effects.

I've got a new addiction: designer toys. I've been into Gloomy Bear for ages - that page still brings more people to this site than any other - but have discovered a weakness for toys like the one above. It's a Dunny. Isn't it fantastic? Plus there are Smorkin Labbits (see below) and I really really want an Uglydoll for Christmas. Butter is thoroughly disapproving and gives me that 'I'm very disappointed in yourself' look whenever I bring one home. But I can't help it. I feel a physical yearning whenever I see a cool new toy and my inner 8-year-old starts chanting, 'I want I want I want.'

Steve won the X-Factor. Yes! Take that Sharon, you vindictive cow, and Louis, you insipid cretin. Go Steve! Go...oh hang on - his first single is a cover of 'Against All Odds' by Phil Collins. Nooooooo! Come back Tabby, all is forgiven.

I've got a really busy week coming up - meeting someone to talk about a film on Tuesday, then The Tears gig on Thursday, office Xmas party on Friday (which might have karaoke!) and Morrissey on Saturday. Fortunately, my leg is a lot better and I can walk around almost normally, though I still can't go downstairs properly. The Christian physios have been fantastic - performing miracles and allsorts. Anyway, I may have a bumper crop of tales to tell next week. Or I may be too exhausted.

Got to go - Syd's just cracked open a can of beer and nicked a fag from the Smorkin Labbits...