Saturday, December 18, 2004

Together again - Bert and Bernie

I'm two-thirds of the way through my pre-Christmas social blitz, which started on Thursday with The Tears gig at Heaven, a nightclub beneath the arches at Charing Cross. The venue itself is a very unheavenly, with metal detectors on the doors and a long thin room with poor acoustics. I decided to stand at the back, not wanting to risk mangling my leg further, and found myself standing among one of that annoying breed of half-wit: the incessant chatterer. I've ranted about this before, but what is the point of going to a gig and yakking all the way through it? The two women in front of me didn't pause for breath once. But let's put the moans aside and talk about the music...

Brett and Bernard haven't been on stage together for 10 years, so for a long-term Suede-worshipper this was a very exciting event. They looked great and Brett's voice was fantastic as always. They didn't play any old songs - this is the Tears, not Suede - so it was quite a strange atmosphere. There was little movement in the crowd and no singing along because, duh, no-one knew the words. However, the new songs sounded very promising on first listen and I can't wait to hear them again when they release the album. Oh, and I had a rather bizarre experience - I was recognised by a MarkCity reader who came up to me and asked how my knee is. So hello Sherpa if you're reading this.

Last night was our work office party. I actually found it hard to get into - not sure why. The highlights were winning a bottle of champers after being awarded the prize for the biggest mistake of the year (drinking an interviewee's water during a job interview; the poor girl asked me for a glass of water, I put it down in front of her then unthinkingly started to sip from it) and singing karaoke. I only did one song though - 'Hound Dog' - before the machine stopped working. After that, I came home reasonably early, to prepare myself for tonight's Morrissey gig.

The real highlight of the week was getting a short story published in Zembla Magazine. It's a proper glossy mag that you can buy in WHSmith and everything! Every issue they run a competition to write a 300 word story on a certain theme. Mine was 'What I wish I hadn't seen at the beach' and I won first prize, £250 of rare books. I'm still waiting for it though. I'll post the story on here soon: perhaps as a Christmas treat!