Wednesday, November 24, 2004
Googling yourself is a guilty pleasure. (That's a sentence that could only make sense in the early 21st Century!) Earlier today, I did an image search on Google for my name, Mark Edwards.

I discovered that we, the Mark Edwardseseseses of the world, are a good-looking bunch. We could form a boyband and conquer the hearts and stir the loins of young ladies everywhere. We'd have more knickers thrown at us than Tom Jones, Robbie Williams and Marilyn Manson put together.

Here, then, is the lust-inducing line-up of lovelies, in the first ever Global Mark Edwards Gallery:

Q: How much was your wig? A: Toupee

Mark and the Magic Staff

Mark - Sex Cod

Baby, where did my neck go?

Return of the mullet

Another pic from my goth days

And here's an album I don't remember releasing: