Sunday, September 19, 2004

Sigh... look at the poor chap above, stranded on the sofa, gazing longingly out at the big wide world, trying to remember what it feels like to walk in the sunshine, to feel the breeze on his skin, the rain on his hair, the squish of dogpoo underfoot. I haven't been outdoors since Wednesday and I'm feeling a bit stir crazy. Fortunately Butter is proving to be an excellent nurse, fetching me food, drinks, magazines, DVDs and dancing naked for me in the name of entertainment. Um, actually, the last bit was more of a fantasy than reality - I blame the codeine.

I hope this picture doesn't end up on one of those weird broken-limb fetish sites. Yes, such things really do exist. So I've heard anyway.

The pain isn't as bad now and I've managed to cut down on the painkillers - so no smack required, thanks, Maggie. Super-strength ibuprofen pretty much does the trick. I'm still immobile though. I've been doing circuits of the coffee table in an attempt to stay fit, with Syd and Nancy hitching a ratty ride.

I was immensely cheered up earlier by the good news about the Embrace album. Number 1, number 1, number 1. Woo-hoo! What a vindication. Danny McNamara says we're the best fans in the world. That's because we are.