Tuesday, September 21, 2004
My review of Goldie Lookin Chain's album is on Stylus now. Harsh but fair, I think.

In case anyone was wondering what was going on with Sayonara Baby, I've decided, after some feedback, that the current draft needs a lot of work. However, I can't face it at the moment. I'm working on Killing Cupid again - that's the one LV and I sold to the Beeb, who are still interested and it's currently being pitched to BBC Films. Working collaboratively is so much easier and more enjoyable than doing it solo. And once KC is finished we're going to start on a new one. We've come up with a killer idea.

Watched Frida last night, with Salma Hayek and her amazing monobrow. It was excellent: Latin spirit, gruesome accidents and lots of sex, with some arty interludes. We also watched Japanese Story, with Toni 'You're Terrible Muriel' Collette, which is quite slow and has an amazing twist two-thirds of the way through. Finally, we watched Wrong Turn, a generic kids-get-chased-through-the-woods-by-deformed-psychopaths movie, which is only 70 minutes long. That's all I can think to say about it.