Thursday, September 30, 2004
I keep telling people that I feel like the guy in Rear Window, although I haven't witnessed any murders yet. I did, however, just see a man looking at posters of naked women in his car, which is quite shocking for Tunbridge Wells. I think I might phone the council. Anyway, I don't really feel like Jimmy Stewart - I feel more like some Dr Evil-esque madman locked in a secret bunker, which just happens to be on the first floor and is therefore not a very good bunker. My computer has become my control centre from which I can plan world domination. This website, Villain Supply, just might help me achieve my megalomaniacal aims.

But really - my Mac is my window on the world. I use it to do all my work, shopping and socialising, and have now joined the ranks of people getting sent bruised fruit and wilted veg by I've also signed up to an excellent DVD service called Video Island - my first rental was Cabin Fever*. Last night, my friend Darren introduced me to a truly brilliant site called Skype which lets you make phone calls over the net - for free. Very highly recommended.

I was convinced yesterday that I had become a junkie and was suffering from heroin withdrawal - oh, okay, codeine withdrawal. They are related, aren't they? I had to call the BUPA healthline (Butter's company pays) where a nice nurse talked to me in a gentle voice. Hmm - I wonder what ailment I'll be suffering when I call her today...

*Cabin Fever - Deeply silly comedy horror in which a group of kids go into the woods and get attacked by a deadly, flesh-devouring virus. Well, it makes a change from crazed rednecks (although there are a few of those here too.) I usually like teens-in-peril horror flicks but Cabin Fever - did they come up with the title first? - isn't even scary. There are some interesting minor characters, like the party-obsessed deputy, and there's some nice sick humour in here, but otherwise you should avoid this like the (deadly, flesh-devouring) plague. Not quite bad enough to be on the Worst Film Of All Time list though.