Sunday, September 05, 2004
I just watched Battle Royale II. The first BR is one of my favourite films, so imagine my disappointment when BR2 turned out to be... crap. The director died halfway through making it. I'm not surprised. I lost the will to live halfway through watching it. While the first film was darkly funny, inventive and exciting, this one is boring and offensive, and the acting... my god. I've seen better acting in primary school plays. It starts with a group of terrorists blowing up some twin towers in Tokyo, has a weird, out-of-place rant about all the countries the US has bombed in the middle, and includes some odd stock footage of smiling children in Afghanistan, all wrapped up in an 'ain't terrorism great and America evil' message. Nasty. Watching it a couple of days after the atrocities in Russia has left me with a really nasty taste in my gob. So the moral is 'don't rent this film'. Even if you loved the original.