Tuesday, September 14, 2004
I didn't feel like blogging on Sunday so here's a quick catch-up on what's been going down on the MarkCity streets.

1. I've been trying to organise the 'worst film of all time' poll - see the comments on the last post - and will be sticking the results on here soon. Your breath is baited, I can tell. Please leave a comment with your suggestions. Votes for 'Dude Where's My Car' will not be accepted.

2. After dreaming for years of being a rock critic, I'm about to become a contributor to an online magazine called Stylus. It's unpaid so I'm just doing it for fun. And because I never miss an opportunity to give my opinion when it comes to music. I hope it doesn't mean I get even less time to update this blog.

3. The Embrace album, Out of Nothing, is currently No.2 in the midweek album charts, just behind Paul 'Shouldn't he be dead by now?' Weller with his collection of covers of his favourite songs. I can't believe people are actually going into shops and handing over money for Weller's karaoke album. It's shocking. Embrace have to be No.1 on Sunday... ooh, STOP PRESS, an ad for the album just came on Channel 4. That should bring a few more sales. I'm going to go round all the shops tomorrow and hide all the Weller albums.

4. I have a book recommendation for you: Out by Natsuo Kirino. It's about these women who work the night shift in a bento factory in Tokyo. They have miserable lives, cut adrift from society; alienated from their families; riddled with debt. Then one of them kills her husband and the others help her cover it up by dismembering the body and distributing him around the city. After that, everything goes horribly wrong... It's one of the best books I've read in a long time.

5. I went to the Groucho on Friday night. Apparently, just before I arrived, John Lydon, David Walliams and Patrick Stuart from Star Trek left. I'm not sure if they left together. I wouldn't like to start any scurrilous rumours.