Sunday, August 08, 2004

Yeeeeaaaaahhh! She's all woman. She loves a smoke. And she romped to victory on Friday night making me £100 richer. I'm sure Nadia won't let her new-found riches change her, and I won't let my £100 change me. I'm still going to go to work every day, still talk to my old friends...

Actually, this is the first time I've won a bet since Grittar won the Grand National in, I think, 1984. That was back before I had principles. Butter is concerned that my Big Brother betting bonanza is the first step onto a slippery slope and that I will soon be careening into gambling-addiction hell, ruining us both, a sad tale that will end with me in the gutter and her whacking me repeatedly with a large rolling pin. Therefore I have sworn not to gamble any more. This is hard because I just know that the odd-looking-yet-oddly-sexy Amy Winehouse is going to win the Mercury Music Prize, and 8-1, well, those are pretty good odds.

Must. Resist.

We went on a little jaunt to Greenwich yesterday. Yeah, why not head into London on a really hot day? What a great idea. It was mine though - I admit full culpability. On the plus side, we saw the Cutty Sark, above, and the Meridian Line, and the park is lovely. Greenwich is one of my favourite parts of London, and I'm eternally interested by Docklands, which we rode through on the DLR. Tip: never travel by DLR on a scorching day - it's as bad as the Tube. Especially when it gets stuck, is full of irritating tourists with very loud voices and smells like someone ate a wheelbarrow-full of rotten turnips just before boarding and farted them all out just after boarding. Then we boarded a chocka Tube train ('hey, Claire, welcome to my everyday life') which we fled in Holborn. For some reason, Holborn was completely deserted and we couldn't find anywhere nice to have dinner. 'Right, let's go home,' stropped Butter. Eventually, though, we ended up in a below-par Indian near Covent Garden. Oh, and the Butter heel problem reared its ugly, er, foot again, just like in New York. She really must buy some comfy trainers. Her birthday is approaching and I would offer - but she wants an apple Martini kit instead. More on that in a later installment.

Can you spot the difference on this page? We've had a bit of a redesign. 'Bit' being the operative word.