Sunday, August 22, 2004
I've just watched Paula Radcliffe's attempt to win the marathon. Poor Paula. Still, the British team has done brilliantly this week. Watching sport I suddenly become terribly patriotic and start cheering on posh blokes whose lives changed when they chose rowing over rugger at Eton. I was even cheering when our yngling team won gold. Apparently, 80% of Britain's medallists in Sydney went to private school, which says a lot about the state of sport in this country.

Staying on this sporty theme, my very own posh bird has decided to take up running and is going to try to get a place in next year's London Marathon. Yesterday, we took a trip to London to get Butter kitted out. She had her feet tested on some hi-tech Adidas-sponsored computer thingy, then bought a pair of silver Nikes. I'm a running widow - every Sunday afternoon, my girlfriend goes out running while I lie on the sofa and exercise my brain.

We watched Fahrenheit 9/11 yesterday. Great film. Very funny - love the bit where the guy enjoys a glass of Bordeaux in his riot-proof chamber - and moving. Butter blubbed as we came out of the cinema, although that might have been a late reaction to the admission fee. £8.50! Lucky it was such a good film. Imagine if you'd paid that to see Swept Away. Back To F-9/11, as Sigue Sigue Sputnik might have called it: Michael Moore is a very clever propagandist, and the film is totally biased and manipulative, but so what? Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. You ain't gonna shift Bush with subtlety, and it's a good thing that the left has someone who's willing to play the bad guys at their own game.

Our work fantasy football league has started up again. I am completely rubbish at it.