Sunday, August 01, 2004
I suppose I ought to write about something other than Big Brother, but what? The weather? Yes, it's hot, sticky and sultry again. We've had about 6 wasps in the flat today. In keeping with my veggie principles, I try not to kill wasps or other beasties - er, apart from flies; well, you have to draw the line somewhere or you'd start worrying about fleas and lice, and now I feel the need to stress that I rarely encounter fleas and lice... So whenever a wasp swoops into the room I have to hunt it down with a glass and postcard. The great white hunter.

I've bought two lots of gig tickets this week. Embrace, my 2nd favourite band, are back back back, and as well as doing a proper tour they're playing one of their secret gigs somewhere on August 15th. 3 years ago this week, Butter and I went to their 6th secret gig, SG6, at a country mansion in Batsford. To get tickets, you had to find a special code on the net. This week, they released more codes for SG10. I got one, but you can only go if you live within a certain catchment area. I'm waiting to see if we qualify. We're also going to see Scissor Sisters in November. I will be wearing my special earplugs.

I tried to do a photo shoot with Syd and Nancy yesterday but they wriggle so much - these were the best shots I could get: