Saturday, July 31, 2004
So far I've been embarrassingly inaccurate with my Big Brother predictions - last night, Michelle was chucked out by the idiotic public. This happens every year - the most entertaining housemate gets the boot, while the dull, inoffensive ones stay till the last week when nobody votes for them to win. The vitriol that has been directed against Michelle in the press and on the BB forums over the last week has been disgusting. She's put on some weight - so she gets called Jabba the Hutt. She's possessive of Stu, so she's a bunny boiler. Misogynistic crap. I hope Michelle - who was the unrivalled star of BB5 - goes on to make us much money as the equally-reviled Jade Goody and that, whether or not she ends up with chicken Stu, she's happy. Bye bye, Michelle - the last week of Big Brother will be dull without you.

The silver lining to this cloud, though, is that Nadia is almost certain to win and I'll get my cash! For what it's worth, I reckon Shell will be out next, and can see Jason coming in the top 3 now.