Saturday, June 19, 2004
Sad to say, my life revolves around Big Brother, Euro 2004 and iTunes at the moment. It's been such an exciting week that I don't know if my heart can take much more.

BB5 is only 3 weeks old and so far we've had sex, anarchy, fighting, tears, police involvement, masses of nudity and not single 'normal' eviction. Emma's just been chucked out, which I think its a good decision - she couldn't be trusted to not have another psychotic episode the next time she and 'The Milkman' (Victor) were put in a room together. A lot of people slag BB off, denouncing it for being boring (er, I don't think so) and cheap: I get the impression a lot of people feel tainted after watching it because I expect they'd be reading Proust or studying neurophysics if BB wasn't on. BB is a fantastic programme - it's fun; it's not meant to be a great, worthy public service. So the haters should just stop bitching about it and let the rest of us enjoy it. I want Michelle to win, but, for the record, I think Stuart will win, with Dan and Shell 2nd and 3rd.

Another cultural event that brings out huge outpourings of moaning and negativity is Euro 2004. It's a cliche, but suddenly everyone thinks they could be England manager and do a better job than Sven. And I've never heard so much bitching after a 3-0 victory. I don't care if we scrap and scrape through every second of the match against Croatia on Monday, as long as we get a point. And I also think England were brilliant against France, nervy against Switzerland, but to be nervy and win by three goals isn't bad. I still think the Czech Republic are going to win the tournament though.

Apple's iTunes store launched here on Tuesday and although there are huge holes in the catalogue, it's a fantastic service, even if it is a terrifyingly easy way to run up a huge credit card bill. There are so many holes in my collection that I want to fill, but so far I've restricted myself to 3 single tracks and 1 album. I'm itching to go on it again though. Right now.

I'm spending a Saturday night home alone because Butter has gone to see Red Hot Chili Peppers in Hyde Park. I didn't go with her because I have good taste in music. I'm listening to The Killers album, which is ace. The Concretes are another top band of the moment - their new single 'You Can't Hurry Love' is great, and has nothing to do with the song that Phil Collins ruined.

My friend Helen and I met up with a former Japanese student of ours, Kaori, last night - she was following the Datsuns round Ireland then stopped off in London for a couple of nights. We took her to the pub but she's allergic to alcohol, which is rather unfortunate! I think she was mildly horrified by how much beer Helen and I can put away. It was weird talking to a Nova student again - she said 'so-so' a lot, we started saying 'many many' and we had to dumb down our language so she could understand us. Although her English is excellent.

She gave me a plectrum that belonged to Dolf Datsun. Ooh - I shall guard it with my life. In fact, I was jin a record shop earlier (for a change) and the man in front of me in the queue started talking about the Datsuns. I was tempted to whip out my plectrum, which was in my back pocket, and show it to him. But then he might have thought I was a) a liar and b) a dick.