Sunday, June 06, 2004
I've got a new computer - an eMac, rather like the one I helped my sister buy last week. After seeing and playing with one, I couldn't resist it any longer. Butter is now a temporary eMac widow. Actually, this is mainly because I'm trying to finally finish SB. I'm doing the final read-through. I know, it's being going on forever and I'm utterly bored of the whole thing. My eMac though, is a thing of great beauty. It's zippy and does all sorts of things that my olde worlde iBook couldn't, like burn CDs and DVDs. It's got Garageband on it too, so I could soon be writing my own songs and making a belated bid for popstardom. Or perhaps not.

We saw The Pixies this week at the Brixton Academy. When they walked onto the stage the crowd roared as if they were welcoming home an English World Cup-winning team. Then Frank Black, who is slightly larger than a real pixie, and the gang tore through about 50 songs in 10 minutes - okay, slight exaggeration, but they certainly did a lorra lorra numbers. There's no banter, no 'Hello London how ya doing?' or 'all the people on the left, wop bam boogie'. Frank did speak a few times, but his words were less intelligible than most of his lyrics. They were fantastic though - loud, powerful, tuneful and just plain awesome. I'd been waiting for that gig for 15 years, and they didn't disappoint.