Monday, May 31, 2004
Ah, glory, glory - Big Brother is back. Long-term readers will remember that last year we went to the studio to watch a Big Brother eviction (see the menu on the left), an evening which Butter declared 'the worst of her life'. (Her best evening was her first night with me; it was all downhill from there.) After last year's BB-snoozefest, the producers have gone to the opposite extreme by rounding up a bunch of freaks and show-offs. There's Kitten, the radical anarchist feminist animal-rights-activist socialist anti-corporate what-other-labels-you-got lesbian who keeps trying to get the others to, like, buck the system and refuse to obey the rules as laid down by The Man. Then there's Marco, whose squeals have been known to shatter glass and distress dogs. Victor calls himself The Milkman because 'he always delivers'. Emma wants to be Jade. Michelle wants to be a glamour model. Ahmed seems completely out of his depth. And Stuart got 4 A grades in his A-levels and he's not afraid who knows it. Fantastic stuff. Oh, and I forgot to mention Nadia, who I've got a fiver on at 20-1 which are, I reckon, pretty good odds. I can picture the headlines: Portuguese Transexual Wins BB. Go Nadia!

Butter has been visiting the Butterfamily oop north this weekend, so I've been alone, ratsitting. This gave me the opportunity very nearly finish SB. Just a final read-through to go now.

I helped my sister, who has never touched a computer before, to buy one for her kids yesterday. Of course, I got her to buy a Mac - a rather nice and shiny eMac, a snip at $549. I've just been on the phone to her, trying to see how she's getting on. Remind me never to get a tech-support job. Actually, I'm too stressed out to write about it. I think I need to go and watch BB for a while, calm myself down. And prepare for Butter's return...