Sunday, March 07, 2004
On Tuesday I went to Westminster. No, I didn't go to harangue my MP about introducing the death penalty for iPod thieves or to ask for rights for rats. My friend Helen works there as an MP's assistant, and she told me that cheap food and beer could be found within. How could I resist? After getting past the metal detectors and the security guards, we found ourselves in the lobby, which is like a cathedral of glass with these indoor trees that cost about a million quid each (at least). But I'm not going to mention taxpayers' money - they were very nice trees. Helen then took me on a tour of the historic halls. I walked over Churchill's grave and the Queen Mother's; then we peered into the House of Commons where our elected representatives were casting their votes on important issues of the day like, er, what to do with people who wander into offices and steal coats. It was cool. After that we went to the Lords Bar, which is nowhere near as grand as it sounds, being a rather dingy little pub full of honking Tory researchers. Beer was only £1.80 a pint though, so I didn't complain. I'm afraid I didn't take any photos as there were signs up all over the place prohibiting it and I didn't want to get thrown in the Tower.

From the historical and dusty to the contemporary and shiny: I've just discovered a great new TV show. The OC. It's set in Orange County, California, and tells the tale of a poor boy interloper into a world of well-toned babes and hunks whose parents have a lot more money than the kids have sense. Wonderful. A bit like Beverley Hills 90210 for the noughties. And we're off to Cali very soon - only about 5 weeks to go. I. Cannot. Wait.