Sunday, February 29, 2004

The picture above, just in case you don't have Superman-esque vision and are having trouble making it out, is of me singing into a banana. I think I was doing a Duran Duran number. This is the state I was in at the end of Friday night's pancake party after several beers, a number of Moscow mules (vodka, ginger ale and lime) and another cocktail with a name too obscene to write here (the second word is cowboy and the first rhymes with rockchucking). The banana pic was taken just after I'd been dancing on the worktop.

Then last night we went to Cousin Louise's wedding reception where more alcohol was imbibed - not much though; I was still recovering - and Cousin Martin gave me my new iPod. And a thing of great beauty and coolness it is too. It already has over 1000 songs on it with room for plenty more. I was going to take a picture of me caressing and cuddling it but decided that would be too sad. Instead, here's a picture of Syd enjoying a smoothie: