Sunday, February 22, 2004

I've got a camera phone! Which means I'll now be able to take lots of exciting pictures as I roam through life, posting them here on MarkCity. Take the picture above - it shows me, thinking desperately, What am I going to blog about today? How can I illustrate my post? I know, I'll take a rubbish picture of myself in the mirror! I'm sure you'll agree, the quality of this blog just shot up tenfold.

While on the subject of new technology and shiny gadgets, I'll get my new iPod this week, unless Cousin Martin gets stopped at customs and they nick it (that was the sound of me tempting fate). One of the major buggers about getting my old iPod stolen is that I'm having to re-download all my CDs, which is taking hours. My iBook is getting a bit old and creaky, which doesn't help. Downloading songs reminds me of one of my personal bugbears: copy-controlled CDs. The last three albums we've bought have got this horrific piece of software on it that stops you recording the CD onto your computer. So even though I've bought the album I can't listen to it on my iPod. Of course, if I'd downloaded it illegally, I would be able to. Clever thinking, record companies. They all deserve to go bust, don't they?

I played badminton earlier this week and couldn't walk for about two days afterwards. This is despite the fact that I go to the gym 3 times a week now. I must have used muscles that I haven't exercised for years. I'm even creakier than my iBook.