Thursday, February 12, 2004
I'm feeling a bit tender today. No, I haven't joined a Fight Club-style organisation which involves being beaten to a pulp for fun. I mean emotionally tender, psychologically bruised. Today, some piece of what I can only describe as shit came into my office and stole my coat. Inside my coat were my mobile phone, my keys and my beloved iPod.


As one who likes to look on the bright side, though, the coat was quite old and my mobile contract is about to expire, so I can get a swanky new camera phone in its place for free. This has also given me the perfect excuse to dip into my savings and buy a new iPod. My star of a cousin, Martin, has agreed to bring one over from the States later this month, as they cost about £100 less in America, especially with the weak-as-a-malnourished kitten dollar. I do, however, hope that the tea leaf drops the iPod in the bath and electrocutes himself, or perhaps crosses the road while listening to it at high volume, not hearing the truck bearing down on him. He and that NYC Subway Cop will rot together in Hell.

If you see a guy wearing a hooded black duffel coat holding an old, slightly tatty iPod and a blue and orange Nokia 3510i, please kick him in the balls for me.

Apologies for not blogging for a week and a half. I've genuinely been busy, trying to finish Sayonara Baby, which is nearing completion. At last. I've also had my choice of title vindicated by an agent who thinks it's "brilliant". I believe she also wants to see the book when it's done. That will then be my one contact exhausted and if she doesn't like it I'll be back on the Writer's Handbook road to hell. In other writing news, the option on Killing Cupid has expired, but we're hopeful that the Beeb will renew it. Which will pay for my new iPod and coat. If I get my coat at Oxfam, that is.

We got tickets to see The Pixies at Brixton Academy in June. I've been waiting to see them for about 14 years. The tickets were £30 each and sold out in 25 minutes. Later that day they were selling on eBay for £100.

My friend Mike was complaining that he's never mentioned on this blog. So, here you go: hello Mike. Now stop surfing and get back to work.