Sunday, February 15, 2004

After all the midweek stress, I feel exhausted today. I've spent most of it trying not to fall asleep and made the terrible mistake of having a siesta. Rather than feeling refreshed I now feel as if my head is full of clouds and there's a layer of moss on my tongue. To make up for this rather somnolent post, I've put a picture of Syd above, eating some toast off Butter's plate this morning. I recently discovered that Butter allows the rats, including the picture-shy Nancy, to share her breakfast every morning, which is why I'm always finding rock-hard pieces of bread behind the sofa.

Yesterday was Love Day. We did the traditional things: flowers, chocolates, presents, dinner and CENSORED. We also CENSORED and then, because I'd been a good boy, DOUBLE-CENSORED. Perhaps that's why I'm so sleepy. In Japan, as I've probably mentioned before, on Feb 14th, girls are made to buy 'obligation chocolates' for co-workers and the other men in their life. Japan Today has a great vox pop on the subject here including the classic quote: "I think that giving is always a nice act as long as you are not giving a disease."

Hear hear.