Sunday, January 11, 2004
I'm sick. No, not in the head, though my love of Gloomy Bear may cause some to think otherwise. I've been infiltrated by a virus causing a sore throat, much coughing and feeling a bit woozy and needing a dose of salts. I thought I'd escaped after every other person I encountered - esp all those sick sneezers and splutterers who like to introduce their germs to their fellow commuters on the train each day - was riddled with disease. I felt like a character in The Stand, um, standing alone while all others were struck down by the lurgy. But it got me so I need y'all to send me get well soon vibes through time and space. Aaah, I'm feeling better already.

I found a great site the other day called The Wayback Machine, which is an archive of internet pages from the past. It allows you to look back at websites that don't exist any more, or see what your fave sites used to look like. Nostalgia for netheads. Unfortunately MarkCity has always looked the same. Maybe I need a redesign.