Thursday, January 15, 2004

Hands up if you agree that 'Take Me Out', the new single by 'the Glaswegian Strokes', Franz Ferdinand, is the best thing to hit the airwaves since...well, the original Strokes. Actually, they're more like Pulp than the Strokes. And they are completely brilliant. I command thee to go out and buy a copy - if you can find one. All the shops in Islington had sold out and my local HMV had one copy left. And I got it.

A MarkCity reader sent me a link for an excellent site that sells Japanese toys (er, that's my gravitas resolution gone tits-up) called If you follow this link you'll see the wind-up Gloomy that swings a small child round and round. I got sent one of these for Xmas by my friend Keiji. It's wicked, but Syd and Nancy are scared of it. Perhaps that's why they've embarked on an orgy of sharp-toothed destruction recently. You should see our sofa. On second thoughts, I'd be far too embarrassed to show you. I hope the vicar never wants to come round for tea.

I'm going to the Groucho tomorrow. Ooh, lah-di-dah.