Sunday, January 18, 2004

Buy the Franz single..or we'll bite you

Thanks to Caroline for sending me the pic above. My Gloomy doesn't have the bloody bits on his chest. I'm still waiting for him to cross over to the UK. He could be bigger than Mickey Mouse - hey, they could set up a Gloomyland, with a big dipper that plummets towards a pool of blood and people in Gloomy Bear costumes jumping on passers-by. Parents would threaten bad kids: "Okay, little Johnny - if you're not a good boy we'll take you to Gloomyland." What a great idea!

Franz Ferdinand are No.3 which is a pretty good result, although they had been at No.2 midweek. I love that Kelis single too - it's so saucy.

The Groucho was a bit celeb-light the other night. Even Ricky Gervais and Stephen Fry weren't there. How disappointing. The journey home was very entertaining though. I got serenaded by two Aussies on the platform. They were singing Waltzing Matilda, believe it or not. Then the girl sitting opposite me on the train was sick in a carrier bag. It was a WHSmith's bag, in case you're wondering. when the ticket inspector came round she thought she'd lost her season ticket and started crying, proclaiming it 'the worst evening of her life', a long black streak of mascara running down her cheek. She'd shut the handle of her bag in the door so couldn't look in it properly. While she stood up and searched through her coat pocket, her boyfriend held her bag of sick. Aah, young love.