Sunday, December 21, 2003

Waaaah! I'm so gutted! Despite, ahem, sleighing the Pop Idols single, The Darkness are NOT the Xmas No.1. Instead, it's that old, baldy Michael Stipe-a-like Gary Jules. I admit, I quite like 'Mad World', especially when it's playing in the background on Donnie Darko. But there's NO WAY it should have beaten the Darkness to the No.1 spot. It's just another example of the British public kicking themselves in the baubles. Ooh, I'm so mad.

Butter has just reminded me that I actually bought the Gary Jules single as well as the Darkness one, so I'm partly to blame. Damn. Sh**. Bugger!! What if they were only separated by one sale? If I took my copy of 'Mad World' back, would they change the charts? Oh, woe woe woe... it's too late.

Due to this appalling turn of events, I've decided to postpone the MarkCity end-of-year-awards - or Markies, as I think they should be known - until next week, when it actually is the end of the year, and when I'll have a few days off work. I've spent most of today wrapping pressies, including Butter's GHD hair straighteners - possibly the best a woman can get. And now I'm all set for Chrimbo, ready to feign joy and surprise at the gifts I despise (copyright The Darkness 2003), and drink lots of wine in order to remove the taste of (bah) humbug from my mouth. Happy Christmas to all MarkCity readers. Tune in next week for 2003 Markies. Promise. Unless something else terrible happens - like me getting a Phil Collins CD for Xmas.