Sunday, December 14, 2003
There's a ringing in my ears, and no, it's not the sound of Christmas bells or the new Darkness single (go on, go out and buy it tomorrow and make it Xmas No.1). It's the after-effect of three nights of loud music and dancing. Thursday night was the work Christmas party, which was fun, and then Friday and Saturday were the last ever Suede gigs*.

Friday was great, but last night's farewell gig was explosive, exhilarating, emotional and, erm, lots more words beginning with e. Butter was in tears by the end of the last song, and the girl next to her held her hand. That's the kind of lovely people you find at Suede concerts. They played two sets: a funeral set, with loads of fans' faves, including old b-sides and album tracks; then there was the 'celebration' set, with most of the singles and anthems, like 'Beautiful Ones', 'She's In Fashion', 'The Drowners', 'Metal Mickey' and 'Trash'. We bounced, we cried, we bounced as we cried, we sweated and shouted and sang along. It was utterly f**ing glorious, the best Suede gig I've ever been to, the best gig I've been to full stop. There was a pre-show party too where all the Suedesters and Suedettes got together and prepared for the end. And my ears are still humming now, 24 hours later.

Farewell, Suede. We loved you.

At last, somebody is doing something about one of my bete noires. The Vegetarian Society has launched a campaign to teach people that veggies don't eat fish.

Next week I'll be handing out the first MarkCity awards. What were, in my less-than-humble opinion, the best albums, singles, films, etc, of the year? Who was the biggest tosser of the year? Who should be sharing a cell with Saddam for crimes against humanity? Who will be the rat of the year? Tune in next weekend for the unveiling! And if you want to leave a suggestion, nomination, leave a comment. Arigato!

*Brett said on stage that there will be another Suede record, but apparently the rest of the band knew nothing about it.