Sunday, November 30, 2003

Bzzzzz... prepare to be liquified, Mark...

Cue gravelly trailer voice: In a world where sugar is more valuable than gold, one man and one woman stand alone against the winged hordes...Armed only with a can of Raid and a rolled-up newspaper, can they defeat the small-but-yucky messengers of Pestilence? You can run but you can't hide - from The Flies.

Ewww. Gross. I came home on Friday night to find Butter standing on a chair, brandishing a magazine, small corpses littering the carpet. The MarkCity crib had been invaded by flies. We spent the entire evening killing them, which is a great way for a couple of vegetarians to unwind after a hard week at work. Saturday was worse. After trudging around Tunbridge Wells in the rain all afternoon trying to help our friend Lisa buy a party outfit, we came back to find that the second wave of beasties had arrived. Butter rushed out to buy a can of Raid. Pretty soon we were filling the dustpan with them and were both half blind with fly-spray poisoning. We think there's a dead bird in the chimney; you can hear the flies buzzing around inside. They keep coming. But we will not be defeated.

Turning to less-horrid subjects, this week is Week One of the Big Fun Fortnight. Belle & Sebastian on Thursday, the Butter Xmas Party on Friday and The Strokes on Saturday. It's also the one year anniversary of MarkCity on 4th December! Unbelievable... have I really been writing this for a year? Well, yes. Gawd knows how many words I've poured into cyberspace, which I could have put towards my novel. The first post was about Beyblades and had a picture of the Golden Turd in Asakusa with it. Wallow in nostalgia here.